Fund Management Operations

Investment Philosophy

As a professional asset management company, we incorporate new investment techniques in response to changes in the market environment and provide top-tier investment performance that aims to produce steady returns in the medium and long term.

For active investment products, we seek to generate excess returns by defining inefficiencies in the market and constructing a consistent investment process to turn these inefficiencies into investment opportunities.

In order to achieve this, we uncover inefficiencies through our unique global research platform, take appropriate risks based on our professional skill, manage risks from diverse perspectives, and conduct constant quality control throughout the entire investment process.

Investment Research Platform

With our network of over 300 investment professionals in Japan and overseas, we have established a global investment research platform that allows us to meet clients’ diverse asset management needs.

Investment Research PlatformInvestment Research Platform
  • *Calculated based on the data of former Sumitomo Mitsui Asset Management as of Jan 1 , 2019 and former Daiwa SB Investments as of Oct 1 , 2018.

Assets under Management

Institutional Accounts USD 68 billions
  Domestic USD 54 billions
  Discretionary Accounts
(Pension Funds)
USD 27 billions  
Discretionary Accounts
USD 3 billions
Investment Advisory Accounts USD 24 billions
Overseas USD 13 billions
Investment Trusts USD 87 billions
  Publicly Offered Funds USD 45 billions
Privately Placed Funds USD 42 billions
  • *AuM is an aggregated amount of former Sumitomo Mitsui Asset Management and former Daiwa SB Investments as of Dec 31, 2018.
  • *Figures shown in US dollars are conversions from Japanese yen based amounts, at USD/JPY 109.72.